Personal & Professional Life Coach in Leeds

Coaching provides a space for you to identify what you really want at both personal and professional levels, and provides you with the tools to make this happen.

Coaching is an approach which focuses on enabling you to find new solutions to problems and dilemmas, and to make positive, realistic changes in your life.

I offer Life and Executive Coaching, for personal and professional issues, including personal and career development, dealing with people, adjusting to change etc.

I also offer fast track coaching in crisis situations e.g. personal and professional dilemmas needing urgent resolution.

People learn to identify strengths, develop skills, gain confidence, find solutions, achieve goals and develop their potential.

I have significant coaching experience. For example, for two years I was coach to a Managing Director of a successful company involved in key company issues of growth and expansion, strategic planning, employee related issues and work/life balance.

I have coached many people through work, life and relationship issues impacting positively on their ability to function and live well.

I am trained in GROW and in Process Oriented models. I am experienced in other approaches such as Integrative and Full Spectrum Model.



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